Leadership and Marketing Forum

nanski joewono

Indonesia Kreatif Forum. Foto: Dok. Tribunnews.

Last weekdays, I took apart the forum in Jakarta. Forum talked about leadership, creativity, and technology.

Day 1
They have discussed leadership. FYI, I never interested about it. Never ever. But, I just realizied that during this time I was not entirely wrong as employee.

Because my former manager or editor unremitting blame me, frequently. They used to pointing me because I’m like insurgent. But that was I mean, I just expressed my job, described what I’ve done, dan explained the right things. Yeah, perhaps, they were right but not entirely or leader ia always right?!!

The speaker said leader have to the communication way speaks to employees. Since everyone is unique dan have each way. I thought, leader is person that understand, nurturing, have point of views, support, and enrichment employees.

A New Day Has Come

A new day has come!

A new day has come!

Selamat datang di blog ini!

Tepat pada 1 Oktober ini, saya resmi mengoperasikan personal blog. Di sini, kita dapat berbagi informasi, pengalaman apapun, sampai ngobrolin hal-hal yang tidak penting.

Tak perlu panjang lebar, mari nge-blog!

Terima kasih.