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Indonesia Kreatif Forum. Foto: Dok. Tribunnews.

Last weekdays, I took apart the forum in Jakarta. Forum talked about leadership, creativity, and technology.

Day 1
They have discussed leadership. FYI, I never interested about it. Never ever. But, I just realizied that during this time I was not entirely wrong as employee.

Because my former manager or editor unremitting blame me, frequently. They used to pointing me because I’m like insurgent. But that was I mean, I just expressed my job, described what I’ve done, dan explained the right things. Yeah, perhaps, they were right but not entirely or leader ia always right?!!

The speaker said leader have to the communication way speaks to employees. Since everyone is unique dan have each way. I thought, leader is person that understand, nurturing, have point of views, support, and enrichment employees.

Day 2
I joined one leadership and two marketing classes. I expected to much at leadership class by Prof. Komaruddin Hidayat, Rector of Universitas Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. Because he explained about leadership in pluralism country. But I was not wonder him, he explained “bertele-tele” and widened the topic.

Nevertheless, I just noted his presentation about Joko Widodo, elected Indonesia president, deal with senators, policy, and extremly situations nowdays.

At marketing classes, I have a lot of knowledge and enrichment from CEO Sido Muncul, Irwan Hidayat, and CEO Femina Group, Svida Alisjahbana. She is granddaughter of Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana, Indonesian famous writer.

Amazing! Hidayat was surprised way to manage company are “modal nekad”, maintain the quality of raw materials, choosing the right person for advertising, and always take apart in charity activities.

Whereas, Alisjahbana maneuvered in social media. She thought “Hari gini, kalau kita nggak men-engage cuatomer, kita akan tertinggal”. Interesting. Whatever people said negatively about him, she still a strong principle and broad knowledge. She always put on engagement and increase knowledge her employees to abroad.

Last but not least, I enjoyed the forum and improve knowledge. Thank you my leader, to charge me there.

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